Community Use of Schools


Welcome to the RCCDSB Community Use of Schools Website


This website provides information on all of our facilities throughout our School Board.

The left-hand navigation menu gives access to the Boards Community Use of Schools Policy and Procedures as well as links to specific school  information. If you are having difficulty finding an item you are looking for, there is a convenient search bar to find items easily.

If you wish to go straight to the Community Use of Schools Reservation page, follow one of the following links.

 Please Note:  All payments must be made up front prior to permit start date.

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Alison Shalla                                                         Renee Rivard
Administrative Assistant for Plant Services          Community Use of Schools/Plant Services Officer
Phone: 613-735-1032 Extension 342                   Phone: 613-735-1032 Extension 273
E-mail: ashalla@rccdsb.edu.on.ca         or        E-mail: rrivard@rccdsb.edu.on.ca



Does your organization have a story you would like to tell or pictures you would like to share?

Please contact:  Renee Rivard